“Trapped in a Game” Anime

The idea of living inside a fantasy game is a classic favorite among anime titles, but which series really do it justice?


Overlord Anime Characters

This show gets it. Your main character is OP and can basically do what he wants with few challenges in the universe he’s been trapped in. There isn’t much explanation or in-depth conversation about how he became trapped in the game and why, but it still works.The characters are vibrant with personality and the animation style looks great scene to scene. This anime is definitely not a disappointment and well worth a watch (or binge-watch in my case).

Sword Art Online


Everyone has an opinion on this series whether it’s good or bad. Personally, I loved it when it first came out, but my opinion has shifted over time. Think of this one as a teenage romance that emerges in a fantasy story line. In contrast to Overlord, there is a lot of explanation as to why the characters are trapped in the game and what will become of them if they happen to die in game. The animation is fluid and colorful season to season. My issue is with the personality development of the characters; they each have a personality, but they seem generic and non-original. As I stated before, I did enjoy this anime, but after watching many other series I’ve completely lost interest in this one. To give it praise, it’s a good beginner anime to help introduce your friends to.

Log Horizon


Okay, so I can’t really judge this one yet as I’ve only just begun watching it. So far, I’d say it seems really similar to Sword Art Online, except no one dies in real life when they die in the game? I’m having a hard time getting into it, so if you are a fan of this one, please let me know why and give me motivation to continue watching it!! 😉

No Game No Life


I actually love this anime. It’s hilarious for starters, but also beautifully animated! The story line has so much room for growth and the characters are captivating and unique. Yes, it tends to get a bit weird at times and overly-sexual, but hey, that’s anime for ya.

I definitely recommend this one in hopes that one day we will see a new season! (If you have any news on that, let me know in the comments!)

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?


Well, this isn’t really a trapped in a video game anime, but it plays out like a video game with its RPG dungeon-crawler theme. The show centers around our main protagonist, Bell, and his quest for love and strength, but mostly love. It’s a fun show with interesting characters and wicked fight scenes – oh and a bit of fan service ;). I definitely recommend it!

Anyways… Those are my thoughts on just a few titles. I know there’s a ton more out there I just need to find the time to watch! What are your thoughts and your favorites?!





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